Monday, December 1, 2008

Returning From ASHA 2008 Chicago With the Winds of Change at Our Backs

After a week and a Thanksgiving break to absorb it all, there’s no doubt about it: ASHA 2008 in Chicago was memorable. Not only were many sessions more interactive and thought-provoking, as shown by the solid attendance at sessions, but we witnessed an inspirational talk from famed actress Julie Andrews, who received the “Annie” award for her work to advance speech-language therapy while surmounting her own personal voice health misfortune. The award was personally presented by Senator John Glenn and his wife Annie, the award’s namesake and courageous advocate for people with communication disorders after overcoming severe stuttering. Easily enough inspiration to last us to the next ASHA Convention in New Orleans…!

Many had a chance to find out more about ASHA’s new, green facility in Rockville, MD, and their new governance structure, mission, and vision. Estimates are that Chicago saw over 12,500 attendees -- impressive in light of the shaky economy. That also means that many of our SLP friends and colleagues did not have the opportunity to attend and take advantage of the resources there, including what we believe are the most exciting offerings from Progressus Therapy ever.

Over the next several days and weeks we’ll share with our online community information and resources that we brought to our fellow ASHA convention goers. We’ll tell you more about the sessions lead by Progressus Clinicians, which were especially focused on how SLPs achieve success in their careers. We’ll also share the insights and impressions of many of our colleagues. Find out more about our Clinical Fellowship DVD, Stepping Stones to Success, which received great attention from students, clinical fellows, and other practitioners who seek a better CF Experience for themselves or others they care about. And we won’t leave out a few snapshots of the fun our fellow ASHA attendees had at our various Progressus parties and get togethers!

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