Thursday, December 4, 2008

Great Careers Begin With Great Clinical Fellowships – Get the DVD – Our Compliments

Hundreds of future clinicians and new graduates were able to receive a complimentary gift that may turn out, in the long run, to be the best gift they received at ASHA 2008 Chicago – the DVD Stepping Stones to Success: The Clinical Fellowship. The DVD is intended to help guide current and future Clinical Fellows through their CF Experience and empower them to maximize this critical step in their career.

Although this video is sponsored by Progressus Therapy (and produced by National CEU), it contains insights from SLP professionals from several organizations. If you are now or will be going through your CF experience, this is a must-have DVD. You can order it at . Send this link to your SLP friends and colleagues.

Progressus Therapy has nurtured the careers of literally thousands of clinicians. One leader at Progressus, Laurie McCloskey, was a key contributor to the Stepping Stones DVD. Here we have an interview with Laurie, where she discusses her own CF experiences and explains her motivation for participating in the video.

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