Monday, December 8, 2008

Networking + Fun = ASHA '08

As a first-timer as ASHA, the conference was a whirlwind of excitement! The chilly Chicago air only seemed to add to the great hustle and bustle of activity. Opportunities abound at the conference, but the greatest of them is the opportunity to interact face-to-face with so many professionals in the field of speech-language pathology. To meet students that are just entering the field, readying themselves for their clinical fellowships as well as clinicians that boast 20+ years of experience was incredible!

Progressus sponsored two booths at ASHA – one in the main exhibit hall and the other within the Career Fair. Between both locations we were able to literally meet and chat with thousands of clinicians that were attending the conference. Networking is a significant part of an event like this. To have the chance to share ideas, make new friends and to sharpen our professional tools is priceless. With so much communication happening electronically these days, it is always refreshing to have a real-live conversation and put a face immediately to a name.

SLPs in the Windy City
Fun was undeniably a huge part of the weekend! Friday night at the conference we hosted a networking soiree for some of our new friends. SLPs in the Windy City was the theme – and to make sure we stayed true to our theme, we introduced two signature martinis – the Progressus-tini and the Amelia-politan (named, of course, in honor of our logo). There were tattoos (fake of course), drinks and even a presentation of one of our Career Vision Scholarships! We were lucky enough to catch up with our winning SLP Felicia at the reception!

So, was the party fun? Let one of our attendees tell you!

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